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        The Philadelphia police motorcycle training is an 80-hour course held at the Philadelphia Police Training Bureau located at 8501 State Road, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Instruction is open to police officers from Philadelphia and local outside jurisdictions. 

   We run a 2-week program designed and developed by Northwestern University. The instructor received certification from Northwestern University's Center for Public Safety in St. Georges, UT and has been a member and instructor of the Philadelphia Highway Patrol Drill Team for 11 years.

Participants are trained using their assigned motorcycles. Each day begins with one hour of class instruction followed by a series of courses that provide training in low speed maneuverability, evasive techniques and high speed braking skills. Students of our program spend approximately 90% of the course “in the saddle.” They are given practical exercises and riding instruction supplemented with classroom instruction and demonstrations of tactical techniques. Trainees are expected to ride in inclement weather conditions, except where safety considerations prohibit safe operation of the motorcycle. 

The program consists of 9 exercises involving slow course riding with emphasis on high-speed braking and evasive maneuvers. Students are evaluated daily and given a rating of 1 to 4 on their performance. They also receive a verbal evaluation. A standard grading system is used to evaluate students. A grading sheet and point system are used to assess whether students have acquired the necessary skills to pass the practical exam. No exceptions will be made for students who achieve below a 75 point grade. After 7 days of technical training and practice, a practical exam is administered on the 8th day. 

   On the 9th and 10th days riders receive an overview of escort instruction and protocol where they are guided by instructors through a simulated course on escort and dignitary exercises. They are also given instruction on street-related techniques including curve negotiation, managing hazardous conditions, car stops, as well as other important skills. 

   The fee for this course is $800. Each student is required to bring his or her own department-issued motorcycle. Please feel free to contact Highway Patrol Officer Jim Trainor if you have any additional questions. He can be reached at 267-934-9396 or at Highway Patrol HQ at 215-686-3103 or 3104 or via email - link above.
Thank you and be safe.

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